Collection: Dryers

As soon as your vehicle is exposed to a rain shower or washed, it should always be stored dry. This is because the moisture can very quickly cause rust to form on screws, threads or other metal parts.

By thoroughly drying with the Brühl Dryer, the moisture disappears even in the last corner of your vehicle and thus water spots have no chance. Thorough repolishing of stubborn water spots caused by limescale or other dirt is therefore by no means necessary.

Give your vehicle the perfect finish within a few minutes after the wash. Your vehicle will be completely dry and can then be parked in the garage without hesitation.

Our vehicle dryers make it possible to dry all types of vehicles:

  • Bicycles
  • e-bikes, scooters
  • motorcycles, motorcycles with sidecars
  • Buggies
  • Quads (ATV, SSV, UTV & Buggy)
  • Cars (from small cars to off-road vehicles or buses)